Being treated by a GP has never been that easy !

7 days a week

Consult one of our experienced doctors online now. Simply complete our online questionnaire and a doctor will call you back on your phone or via video call.

Diagnosis, prescription and follow-up carried out by our doctors in Switzerland and reimbursed by your basic Swiss insurance (LAMal).


A health problem?

Answer our medical questionnaire now to check, without obligation, that our doctors can take care of you by phone or video call.

How it works ?

  1. 1
    Answer a quick medical questionnaire
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    One of our doctors calls you on your phone or by video
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    Your electronic prescription will be sent to you, to collect your medication from the pharmacy
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    The costs are covered by your basic Swiss health insurance (LAMal)

Reimbursed by your Swiss health insurance

Our consultation invoiced CHF 75.- maximum is reimbursed by all basic Swiss health insurances (LAMal).

It includes the following services:

  • Consultation and follow-up by one of our doctors
  • Any questions or interactions you may have with the doctor as part of your treatment
  • Sending a prescription to the pharmacy of your choice
  • A possible health certificate
  • A report for you and your physician

Our mission

Digital health is entering our daily lives and disrupting the practice of medicine. Patients want:

  • Avoid unnecessary travel and wasting time in waiting rooms
  • Receive a medical evaluation, as well as associated medications if necessary, in order to be relieved quickly
  • Go to the emergency only when necessary

To meet these needs, we have developed the online health center Soignez-moi, thus making it possible to offer quality consultations for everyday symptoms in a simple and fast way.